Nazaryy Sidletskyi

surgeon, phlebologist, ultrasound doctor
Nazaryy Sidletskyi
surgeon, phlebologist, ultrasound doctor

In 2016 he graduated from Lviv National Medical University. Danylo Halytskyi, majoring in Medical Affairs.

From 2016 to 2019 - internship in surgery at the city clinical hospital of ambulance and Lviv regional clinical hospital in Lviv.

In 2019 he took specialization courses in "Ultrasound Diagnostics".

In 2019. Passed specialization courses in the specialty "Basic practical skills of laparoscopic surgery" in Kyiv.

In 2019, he underwent an internship to close his veins with VenaBLOCK bioadhesive (Istanbul, Turkey).

He is a regular participant in scientific conferences, symposia and seminars.

Laser treatment of varicose veins

It is a field of medicine that studies, diagnoses and treats our veins. According to statistics, this disease affects 30-40% of women and 10-25% of men over 18 years.


Professional ultrasound of blood vessels and heart is performed using modern devices that allow to get quality images and images during the procedure.


Do you notice vascular asterisks on your legs that shine through the skin? And are you worried that there are blue reticular veins, which are also quite noticeable?


Innovative trend in phlebology. Non-surgical method that closes a varicose vein with a specially developed biological glue.

Foam sclerotherapy

Occupational sclerotherapy is completely safe because the intervention in a vein is performed in a non-traumatic way, both for the vessel and for the surrounding tissues.


The doctor gets a complete picture of the patient's heart condition from four sides, in the form of a two- or three-dimensional image that can be printed on a computer.

Examples of laser treatment of varicose veins
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