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Artem Chekhovsky’s Phlebology Clinic provides very delicious services that are used here for our health. Professionals will do everything to keep your blood vessels healthy. Our treatment will allow you any restrictions and discomfort in movement.

Do you know what "phlebology" is? It is a field of medicine that studies, diagnoses and involves our veins. Unfortunately, there are many venous diseases and they occur quite often. According to statistics, this disease affects 30-40% of women and 10-25% of men over 18 years.

How to understand that something is wrong with the veins?

First of all, when you feel pain in the extremities, when you feel the bulge, tortuosity. But the initial manifestation of venous disease is the formation of a vascular network in the legs.

Seek help without delaying a trip to the phlebologist in a "long box".

Facts about VenaBLOCK bioglue:

  • Is a completely safe and hypoallergenic product
  • Over time, completely biodegradable
  • The VenaBLOCK system has been actively used for more than 5 years in the most modern clinics in Europe, the USA and the world.
  • Has European certification
  • Today the VenaBLOCK system is registered in Ukraine.

The advantages of the system are:

  • The intervention lasts 10-30 minutes.
  • Almost painless
  • No need for compression stockings (except in some cases)
  • Instant return to work.
  • Immediately after the procedure, the patient can play sports, sunbathe
  • The effect is noticeable immediately after the procedure, the legs are beautiful and healthy !!!
  • VenaBLOCK technology eliminates not only a cosmetic defect, but also the cause of the disease - venous pathological blood reflux
  • An individual, disposable VenaBLOCK kit is used for each patient.
  • It should be noted that VenaBLOCK biological glue is not suitable for everyone. In such cases, we offer laser treatment of varicose veins.

Examples of laser treatment of varicose veins
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