Do you notice vascular asterisks on your legs that shine through the skin? And are you worried that there are blue reticular veins, which are also quite noticeable? This problem can be solved with the help of foam echosclerotherapy. 
But since this is a cosmetic procedure, we recommend do it only when the vascular network on your legs is pronounced and occupies a large area. In other cases, such intervention is unnecessary.

Features of sclerotherapy 

In the lumen of the vessel, under direct ultrasound control, introduce a special sclerotic drug, which causes sticking veins. The amount of the drug, as well as the form of administration is determined by a specialist-phlebologist. After the drug is administered, an elastic compression bandage is applied to the leg, which the patient wears for only one week. 
Microsclerotherapy does not provide using of elastic compression. 
The use of versatile manipulation control, as well as the use of special equipment, allows you to perform ultra-precise sclerotherapy, which guarantees the health of your blood vessels. 
After a sclerotherapy session, the patient is recommended to take a 40-60 minute walk. Walking - the best methods of restoration. Within a week of the manipulation, the internal lumen of the vein grows and blood begins to circulate in healthy veins. 
To determine if this procedure fits for you, the doctor makes a duplex angioscan (a harmless, modern and highly informative method of diagnosis). 

Is Sclerotherapy Safe?

Occupational sclerotherapy is completely safe because the intervention in a vein is performed in a non-traumatic way, both for the vessel and for the surrounding tissues. The possibility of pain or bleeding is excluded. 
Therefore, sclerotherapy is not only safe for the patient's life, but also guarantees a high clinical and cosmetic effect. Immediately after surgery, small bruises or pigment spots may form in the direction of sclerosed veins. Over time, they disappear on their own and do not require special treatment. 
Professionally performed sclerotherapy guarantees a resistant and long result. Varicose veins are completely closed and the blood supply to them is never restored. Blood functions through healthy veins.

Advantages of sclerotherapy

Modern sclerotherapy is a non-traumatic method of treating varicose veins, which allows to help many patients with varicose veins without surgery.

Examples of laser treatment of varicose veins
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