Public offer

Public offer agreement on the provision of medical services

Natural person-entrepreneur Artem Oleksandrovych Chekhovsky (hereinafter - the “Contractor”), acting on the basis of the License of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine for conducting business in medical practice License for medical practice №728 dated 05.11.2015, as amended by the Orders of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine №97 dated 09.02.2017, №86 dated 18.01.2018, №811 dated 11.04.2019, №1553 dated 05.07.2019, №257 dated 05.02.2020, №382 dated 18.02.2020. (identification number 2977310050) publishes this public offer for the provision of services

In accordance with the requirements of Article 633 and Article 641 of the Civil Code of Ukraine, this document, posted on the Internet at http://www.chekhovskyy.in.ua, is a public offer, and in the case of an individual acts that indicate its acceptance , is binding on the Contractor and this individual on the following terms:


1.1. In this Agreement, the following terms, concepts and definitions are used in the following meaning:

1.1.1. Medical service is a certain set of actions (consulting and medical-diagnostic) performed by the Educator / his employees in the interests of the Patient for the purpose of prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases in accordance with the legislation of Ukraine (hereinafter - the "Service"). The list of medical and other related services, as well as their cost are set out on the official website of the Contractor and directly at the place of the Contractor.

1.1.2. Public offer - a proposal of the Contractor (posted on the Site of the Contractor), addressed to an unlimited number of individuals to enter into this Agreement under certain conditions.

1.1.3. Acceptance - full, unconditional and unconditional acceptance (consent) by the Patient of the terms of the Public Offer, in the form of this Agreement. Acceptance is carried out by ordering (including by phone) and / or prepayment for services by the Customer; and / or filling in, signing and submitting by the Patient to the Executor a written Patient Questionnaire and / or Informed voluntary consent of the patient for diagnosis, treatment and for surgery and anesthesia (form №003-6 / o), a copy of which is in the Contractor's possession; and / or committing other Confirmatory actions and certifies the fact of its conclusion.

1.1.4. Parties - Patient and Executor.

1.1.5. Patient - an individual who has accepted the public offer of the Contractor / concluded with the Contractor this Public contract for the provision of medical services.

1.1.6. Promotional offers - additional opportunities to the Services provided by the Contractor for Patients, the list and conditions of which are determined by the Contractor's order and / or the Rules of stay and patient care. Offers in particular, but not exclusively, are: discounts, loyalty programs, special bonus programs etc.


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